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Although the recovery of compensation is crucial in helping to change the lives of those that have been injured and help to put them back financially as if the accident had not occurred, my strong view is that the most important changes that I have been able to achieve for those who have been injured, and the loved ones who have been affected by the tragedy of a serious accident, is to help them rebuild their life.

This has been achieved by helping the injured person regain their self-esteem in ensuring they have the right treatment, rehabilitation, support, help and guidance which has led to those who have suffered catastrophic injuries regain their dignity, independence and rebuild their lives.

I have helped set up and finance from the Insurers of those who have caused the injury extensive professional help and assistance through the instruction of leading experts in the country, both medical and other experts.

In turn, I have been instrumental in helping arrange for new accommodation, aids, equipment, appliances and support to the injured and their family.

In this website I have included case studies in which I set out the route taken in ensuring that the best possible outcome can be achieved for those severely injured in an accident and show how with the right approach and the backing of the best legal and expert team incredible results can be achieved in the bleakest and darkest of situations where the future looks impossible to change or improve.

I am tenacious, determined and my focus has always been on what is best for the injured person and how best to make a difference for them and their family.

I have approached some of my old clients who have given their consent to provide details of their cases and to provide in their own words what has been achieved by me in what was their darkest moments in their lives.

I have strong values and principles and will always promise to give my heart and soul to pursue what is always my prime objective to “make a difference” and to recover as much as is reasonably possible in compensation for the injured person and their family.

I can state that my view, which is backed by my firm of Simpson Miller, is that we will always ensure that there will be no deductions from whatever compensation is ultimately recovered in any case despite the fact that the current state of the law in the UL allows solicitors to seek what is known as a success fee from their clients at the end of the case.

In my view, this so-called ‘success fee’ should always be set at 0%.

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