How am I going to be able to cope with such a delay?

If the person responsible for the accident or his insurer accept that they are at fault or if it’s obvious that the issue of who was to blame is not difficult to assess then even if it may take another 2 years to conclude the case and work out precisely how much compensation is to be awarded I can secure for you what is known as an Interm payment where some money is released up front by the insurer to provide financial help.

This will be usually part of what you will get at the end of the case to help pay for your monthly outgoings if you cannot work or help pay for the private treatment should you need more surgery or help with your injury or for physiotherapy, rehabilitation or the setting up of a care package or help in anyway to rebuild your life.

An interim payment may also help pay for new accommodation either by way of extra money for the rental of ground floor accommodation if this is needed or ultimately the provision of money to pay for a new home pending the conclusion to the case.

If the Insurer disputes who was responsible for the accident and your injuries then this award of an interim payment may only be possible once those issues are resolved so it maybe this might not be possible until that process has been sorted out.

Sometimes, the insurer won’t want to make any such payment and in those circumstances, I would make an application to the court and ask the Judge to order them to pay.

In my experience, I often have to make such an application and this 99 times out of 100 forces to the insurer to pay often very close to any date set for the hearing of the application.

I have never yet been unsuccessful in obtaining an interim payment in my cases and have a 100% success rate on any applications that do go to a hearing and this is over a 15 year period of my working on these cases.

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