How long will it take ?

Most cases  take some time to sort out and it is not easy to estimate how long this process can take but on average I confirm that once I have received initial instructions and got the case started if the accident is disputed and the person you blame for your injuries doesn’t accept either full responsibility or blames you in part ,as in most road traffic accidents, for instance where someone is crossing a road and is knocked over, then it may take anything from 6- 12 months to  resolve this issue.

The delay is usually due to the fact that other persons and agencies may be involved in investigating the accident such as the police and we would have to wait for their full report into the accident first to see what the witnesses had to say or the other person perhaps when he was interviewed by the police.

In accidents at work we may need to receive the accident report book and again the statements from witnesses or the disclosure of the company’s records dealing with health and safety or a report from the Health and Safety executive if they have been involved in reviewing what had happened.

As with the issue of the costs the resolution of this issue of who is responsible may be either by agreement or after a trial before a court if the court is involved then the estimate is more likely to be 12 months

Once the insurer of the person who we blame for the accident has agreed responsibility and the more complex issue of deciding what compensation is to be awarded this may take another 12 -18 months depending on what the expert Doctors have to say. Often before a final decision can be made as to what is the right level of compensation that should be paid can be made the Expert Doctors may want to wait and see how the injury develops and to consider what is the future extent of treatment rehabilitation care and support a person may need so that we can calculate the costs of this over a life time and so this may result in the time for the case to be resolved entirely to be more likely 18 months from resolving the cause of the accident and the responsibility for that accident.

Adding those two time periods together will show that a case will usually take anywhere from 2-3 years to be completed.

On the case studies I have included the case of Simmons v Davies took about 3 years from my taking over the case, The case of Verdon was took about 2.5 years to conclude but the case of Kuti took just over 18 months to conclude entirely )

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