What will it cost me ?

I know you will be wondering how can it cost nothing you will have heard lots of stories and newspapers going on about the cost of instructing a solicitor or lawyer and that they are always expensive…?

It’s true that the work that is required to ensure that someone who is badly injured gets everything they need and a proper and reasonable award of compensation paid from the party who is to blame and his insurer , can be enormous and the time and work  that I would need to put into to get the correct result will be extensive but my firm Simpson Millar operate a “no win no fee” system for cases such as those I work on which means what it says…….

I will come and visit you at your home at no cost to you and if you agree to let me take on your case my firm will do this on a no win no fee basis.

What this means is that if I were to “win” your case  in showing that someone was responsible for your injuries due to their fault in whatever accident you were involved in , their insurers would pay for not only whatever compensation you may be entitled to but also all of the legal costs and expenses that may be charged in my sorting out your case for you.

Simpson Millar will guarantee that whatever compensation you recover  through the claim will be ring-fenced and you will take the total amount ie 100 % of whatever you are  finally  entitled to in compensation either ordered by a court or following any agreement with the insurer to settle your claim.

( Please see the case studies for the three ways that a case can usually be resolved – The case study of Pinkerton v Elliot where a the case went to a full trial but was settled before the Judge made the award, The cases of Verdon v Euticols and Simmons v Davies where the parties agreed a settlement at a Joint Meeting and the case of Tinsley v Sarker ( EWHC 192 QB ) where the Judge made the decision following the full trial )  Greg can you have links to the case studies for me for people to click on to take them to the case studies – I will be sending the details of Verdon and Tinsley next  both as precis and full citation } I will send the precis version for each one in a bit

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